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Palram Skylight Grey Pent Shed 4x6

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This 4ft wide by 6ft deep Palram Skylight Pent Shed is a new addition to the range and offers those with a smaller garden the chance to still make use of a practical storage space due to its compact design.

A galvanized steel base along with an aluminium frame creates the perfect durable structure for attaching the polycarbonate panels which Palram quote as being 'virtually unbreakable'. This range is super easy to install at home due to its slide and lock panel system which lets you slide the side panels and roof into place across the frame.

With a maintece free design, there's no need to paint the shed on a yearly basis like traditional wooden sheds and there's no risk of rusting, rot or peeling of the panels thanks to its 100% UV protected layer.

One of the unique features of this shed comes from its name, the phrase 'Skylight Shed' refers to the special roof panels that from the outside look like a normal roof, but they actually allow sunlight through to light up the inside of your shed during the daytime.

The dimensions are: (WxHxL) 1175mm x 2030mm x 1750mm