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Knauf Fill and Finish Light Ready Mixed Compound 20Kg


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Knauf Fill and Finish is an all-purpose finishing compound that simplifies the application process. Whether you are buying Knauf Fill and Finish in 20kg or 5kg tubs, the long shelf life and vast coverage area ensure fantastic value for money. Using a ready mixed joint compound offers a number of benefits, especially if you do not have years of experience finishing drywalls. It’s easy to apply, saves time and produces a high quality finish you can be proud of.  

What is Knauf Fill and Finish?

Knauf Fill and Finish is a ready mix joint compound that is used for finishing joints and bedding tapes in drywall ceilings and partitions. It has a 12 month shelf-life and per 5kg tub is able to cover up to 11.25m², while a 20kg tub offers a maximum coverage of 45m². Depending on site conditions it takes around 12-24 hours to dry. 

What are the benefits of using a ready mixed preparation?

If you have not used Knauf Fill and Finish before, or any other type of ready mixed preparation, it offers benefits such as:

  • Less preparation time: With the compound ready for use straight away you don’t have to worry about mixing and finding the right consistency. You’ll get to work much sooner and will finish much quicker.
  • No manual mixing: Because you will not be manually mixing to create the compound you’ll enjoy better consistency which makes the job easier to complete and ensures a better finish on the wall or ceiling.
  • Cleaner process: You don’t have to worry about all the mess caused by mixing a compound. That means no powder, dust or spillages on the floor that usually have to be cleaned up later. 
  • Safer to use: Breathing in dust can be harmful to your health, especially if experienced on a regular basis. Compared to powder finishing solutions Knauf Fill and Finish is much safer to use.

How many coats do I need to apply?

Knauf Fill and Finish is easily applied for fast and smooth joint finishing, with a maximum of two coats usually needed to ensure a smooth finished joint surface. 

Can I use a ‘bazooka’ applicator?

If you are thinking of using a ‘bazooka’ applicator (a mechanical tool that applies the optimum amount of joint compound to the drywall or ceiling) then Knauf Fill and Finish can be used. It can also be used with Banjos or spray applied if required. 

What other tools can I use?

Standard tools you can use to apply the product will be a wide spatula and trowel. 

Is it ok to use this over chemical-setting products?

You can use Knauf Fill and Finish over chemical-setting jointing products that are already in place. 

Am I able to paint the surface or is a mist coat needed?

Once the surface has fully dried and has then been sanded down in preparation for decoration, you can add a mist coat of paint followed by two full coats of paint. 

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