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IKOpro Synthaprufe Original 25 Litre


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IKOpro Synthaprufe Original 25 Litre MW686620

Rubberised bitumen emulsion for
protection of floors and walls against
penetrating damp.

IKOpro Synthaprufe Original is a high-performance
brush applied damp proofing emulsion containing
synthetic rubber latex which provides a waterproof,
black elastomeric membrane.

A low odour emulsion with exceptional flexibility and
resistance to cracking. IKOpro Synthaprufe Original
performs even at low temperatures.

• As a damp proof membrane on solid concrete floors
• For damp proofing of interior masonry wall surfaces
• To protect retaining wall structures.

• Consult IKO technical datasheet for guidelines on
specific waterproofing applications
• Stir IKOpro Synthaprufe Original well and apply by
brush evenly and in one direction
• When it is completely dry it should be covered with
a minimum 50mm sand/cement floor screed
• Allow to dry thoroughly before subsequent coats
are applied
• Do not apply in wet weather or when rain or frost
is likely. Always ensure good ventilation
• Unsuitable for ponds or other aquatic applications.

• Floors, 1st coat 1 m2/litre, 2nd coat 1.5 m2/litre
• Walls, 2 m2/litre (per coat).


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