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Garden Fence Panels Superior Lap in Packs 1828mmx 1800mm (6ft x 6ft)


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Arranwood superior lap garden fence panels have been made using double edged waney-edge boards, this gives the traditional look on both sides so panels can be set either way around. Our waney edge boards are set into a rebated frame which makes it stronger and more durable. Corners are mortised into the capping rail which has been gently rounded to prevent any rain water pooling on the surface; the capping rail on fence panels is a particularly vurlnerable area as it's exposed to all weathers, this rounding and jointing method ensures a strong and resilient frame is guaranteed for many years to come.
Panels are pressure treated to get good penetration into the timber, this ensures a long and stable life, they are designed to last 20 years.
Like most timber garden products our fence panels can be retreated using any proprietary fencing treatments, depending on the product used these can either extend the life of the panel or enhance the look by enriching or changing the colour.

Compatible with either timber fence posts and gravel boards (we recommend using fencing clips in this application) or with slotted concrete fence posts and gravel boards.
Responsibly sourced raw materials from carefully managed forestry.

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