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Garden Sleeper Softwood Treated Timber 2.4m 100x200mm


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Our softwood treated sleepers are perfect for a variety of garden uses. Ideal for borders, retaining walls, planters and decking edging. 

The treatment is safe for children and pets but not for eating or aquatic use. 

Traditionally known as railway sleepers, the only thing in common is their shape and size. They are much lighter at around 35kg (can vary with weather conditions) and are much more eco friendly as reclaimed railway sleepers have creosote based treated.

Our sleepers will either be green treated or brown treated depending on location. Within 3-6 months they will start fading to eventually be a silver grey finish . The sleepers are pressure treated to help protect against rot and will last for 15 years+

  • Width & Depth may vary by up to 5% from size shown
  • Sustainably resourced from managed forests

If your looking for Oak Sleepers, Hardwood Sleepers, Railroad Sleepers or different size Sleepers then get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help

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