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Council Paving Slabs 900x600x50mm (3x2 ft) BSS Pressed Concrete


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Council Paving Slabs 900x600x50mm

These thick concrete paving slabs are typically used by city councils due to their durability and strength under high traffic. Council paving slabs often give you an extremely durable solution to paving and also come at an affordable price due to their bulk purchasing by regional councils around the UK. Council paving slabs are solid concrete and will provide you with a long lasting paving surface, specially suited for high traffic and adverse weather conditions.

Imperial size 3 x 2 ft x 2 inch approximately 

Commercial paving is ideally suited to areas that are subject to heavy footfall. We supply products ranging from council paving slabs for pavements through to Tactile paving to aid the visually impaired.

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