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Free UK Delivery Over £50
Free UK Delivery Over £50

Concrete Block Paving 50mm Mini Pack 200 blocks


Price Includes VAT


Durable, competitively priced product ideal for driveways, patios and garden paths. The blocks have a chamfered top edge and spacing lugs to allow a small gap to be filled with kiln dried sand, this helps the blocks interlock and prevent movement leaving you with a hard wearing surface.tough budget driveway block paving with great technical consistency and a fantastic range of six colour choices.

Block size is 200x100x50mm and the mini pack of 200 blocks covers 4m2

They are our most popular concrete blocks and offer great value for money. Its smooth surface is ideal for shopping trollies, wheelchairs and mobility machines, prams and other small-wheeled traffic. Shannon’s tight joints and pencil chamfer provides ease of installation and maintenance, and helps prevent weeds from spoiling its appeal.

  • Durable and high-quality material guaranteed to last for long periods.
  • Gives a unique and stunning finish to your home

Brand supplied will depend on geographical location,


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