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Actis Hybris Insulation Multifoil Sheets 75mm x 5.49m2


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Actis Insluation have based the design of their thin Multifoil Insulation Sheets on the hexagonal configuration of a honeycomb structure to ensure more strength and stability. Their multifoil Actis insulation provides a number of key benefits perfect for use in masonry walls, timber frames, pitched roofs or ceilings. Actis multifoil sheets are available in 1145mm wide panels with a 75mm thickness and are extremely easy to install.

High thermal efficiency 

The multifoil Actis insulation offers a certified thermal conductivity as low as 0.033 W/m.K, which is in accordance with EN 16012, providing a high thermal efficiency. This acts as a strong insulation structure that does not let heat pass through easily, keeping the space warmer for longer and having a positive effect on heating bills.

Increase acoustic performance 

The honeycomb insulation structure does not only provide more strength, but Actis multifoil insulation products also enhance acoustic performance. The closed cells act as sound traps that absorb sound waves to reduce the transmission of noise from one room to another.

Wind and moisture resistance 

The secure air tightness of Actis multifoil sheets ensures you avoid the risk of thermal bridging (where heat transfer is higher than surrounding materials). 

Save space 

Enjoy the benefits of using thin Actis multifoil insulation thanks to the fabric element being kept to an absolute minimum thickness. Actis multifoil insulation also features a water vapour control layer that restricts the movement of warm, moist air from inside your home into the structure of the building, reducing condensation levels, securing air tightness and issues that can arise from that.

Infra-red radiation reflection

Rather than absorbing the heat, the Actis multifoil insulation sheets reflect over 75% of infra-red radiation to the exterior of the property. This serves to stop surfaces inside your home from heating up which reduces the need for air-conditioning. As a result, consistent temperatures can be enjoyed throughout the summer and winter.


Length: 1.145m.
Width: 1.2m.
Thickness: 75mm.
Panel size: 1.374m2.
Pack quantity: 4x panels.
Pack coverage: 5.49m2.

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