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Grey Concrete Council Paving Slabs

Here at Armstrong Cheshire, we stock an extensive selection of high-quality concrete council slabs at a low cost for use in both major commercial plans and smaller DIY projects around your home. You’ll find different types of grey council slabs in our available range, including standard flagstone and tactile surfaced slabs, created for pedestrians with impaired sight. These tough paving products are specially crafted from concrete and are designed to cope with a heavy footfall. Ordering from us couldn’t be easier with our expert team on hand to help with any questions, so why not explore our full range of council paving slabs and see what’s on offer?

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 Council paving slabs


A Sturdy Surface Built to Last

Grey council paving slabs are a go-to favourite of many a local borough for both their durability and great value-for-money – both absolutely essential qualities when you’re bringing in a project to an annual budget. Crafted exclusively from robust concrete and smartly surfaced, they offer a well-presented and hard-wearing pavement designed for years of use.

Our well-developed range presents a broad selection of pressed concrete paving solutions in a host of shapes and sizes, as well as different pack sizes to suit projects of all scales - from large town planning projects to small home improvement jobs.

A Versatile Slab for Any Season

Council slabs are an ideal choice when the weather takes a turn for the worse, benefiting from a safe textured surface. This in-built feature protects pedestrians against hazardous conditions that can result in slips and falls. The tactile quality of these slabs is also ideal for users whose vision is impaired, allowing them to feel safe in the knowledge they’re on ground safe for pedestrian activity.

Affordable Paving Options

You might be paving a small section outside your home or covering an extensive area as part of major works, but either way you’ll be receiving superb value for money when buying from Armstrong Cheshire. We take pride in delivering only the best quality council slabs at manageable costs designed to suit a variety of budgets. We purchase our stock at cost when we buy in bulk which means we’re able to pass our savings on to our customer base. This means when you order from us, your budget will stretch a little further, keeping your operating costs low.

Top-Quality Delivery Service

Whether you buy via our website or over the phone, the process is always smooth and speedy. Once you’ve placed your order, everything will be delivered directly to your chosen address. We work closely with a dependable delivery network with a long reach, ensuring wherever you are, you can rely on your supplies arriving right on time. 

Advice and Assistance

Feel free to get in touch with our team of product experts if you’re seeking further information on our concrete paving solutions. You can contact us by email, take advantage of our easy-to-use live chat option or simply give us a call by phone and we’ll be pleased to help with any enquiry.

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