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Wooden Structures

At Armstrong Supplies we know how important the garden is to you, which is why we are always looking for exciting new ways to help you improve your time spent outside. No matter the size of your garden we have something for you, from large wooden planters with trellis’ to standout wooden garden gazebo structures.

  • Alderley Plant Ladder Small (5785584730275)

    Alderley Decorative Plant Ladder Small


    With the Alderley Decorative Small Plant Ladder, your potted plants will be placed attractively on each step, adding height and interest to an alre...

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  • Alderley Plant Ladder Large (5785584861347)

    Alderley Decorative Plant Ladder Large


    The Alderley Decorative Large Plant Ladder is a delightful feature that takes a familiar object and subtly transforms it so that you can add height...

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  • Bisley Bird Table (5785586860195)

    Bisley Bird Table


    Feed the birds, hear them sing and watch them play, there can't be any activity during the summer that is so rewarding. The tall Bisley Bird Table...

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  • Beehive Composter (5785584402595)

    Beehive Wooden Composter


    Even though very useful and ecologically sound, a compost heap is not to everyone's taste. Let's face it, they're not pretty and many people like ...

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  • Alderley Planter and Trellis Grey (5785584894115)

    Alderley Rustic Wooden Planter and Trellis Grey


    The Alderley Rustic Wooden Grey Planter is beautifully designed and very practical, it can be filled with colourful plants throughout the year, wit...

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  • Dual Planter and Seat Set (5741078184099)

    Dual Planter and Seat Set


    This Seat Set is a perfect example of how they use natural materials to create such an attractive piece that combines tall planters with a long com...

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  • Corner Planter and Screen Set (5741078118563)

    Corner Planter and Screen Set


    A neatly styled patio is always a delight and this Corner Set is a wonderful way to decorate what may be a well-used area especially during the sum...

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  • Balmoral Garden Corner Arbour Hideaway (5741074743459)
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    Balmoral Garden Corner Arbour Hideaway


    Simple rustic charm is difficult to recreate authentically, but the Balmoral Corner Arbour does it effortlessly. The slatted roof, lattice detail ...

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  • Compact Auto Shelter 12x16 (5785582829731)

    Compact Auto Shelter 12x16


    The 12ft x 16ft Compact Auto Shelter is easy to assemble and provides excellent protection to any cars, motorbikes or garden equipment. A great alt...

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  • Dartmouth Garden Swing Seat Arbour (5741074645155)

    Dartmouth Garden Swing Seat Arbour


    There are other ways to relax in the garden but probably none better than on a Dartmouth Swing Seat. Intricate trellis work decorates the sides be...

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  • Eaton 7x7 Summerhouse (5744411148451)

    Eaton Summerhouse


    The delightful Eaton summerhouse is not only a classic design, it's also very affordable and looks ideal in a traditional garden. You now have the...

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  • Arley 7x7 Summerhouse (5744410853539)

    Arley Summerhouse


    Nothing is quite as unpredictable as the British weather, but you can enjoy the Arley Summerhouse come rain or shine. When there are clouds overhe...

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  • Clarendon Summerhouse (5744411476131)
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    Clarendon Summerhouse


    Well ventilated and with a very bright interior, the Clarendon Summerhouse will be a lovely place to spend time when the weather is warm and sunlig...

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  • Dutch Barn 11x8 - Swedish Red (5744410362019)
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    Dutch Barn


    The Dutch Barn 8ft x 11ft is marvellously stylish as well as practical, with two wide double doors and a high ridge guaranteeing a versatile storag...

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  • Buckingham Gazebo (5741077692579)
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    Buckingham Gazebo


    The Buckingham is a stunning gazebo that will make a notable contribution to your garden landscape. Keep the spacious floor area empty for enterta...

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  • Richard Burbidge Stop Chamfer Complete Newel Post Oak (6865198743731)

    Richard Burbidge Stop Chamfer Complete Newel Post Oak


    This Chamfer complete newel post is made from oak. The Perfect Post for the bottom of staircases. Cut from the highest quality wood. For post-to-p...

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Playhouses and summerhouses

Our playhouses will let your little ones make the most of the garden as they while away the hours playing to their hearts content. Made from high quality softwood and using tongue and groove construction, It’s a safe space that offers plenty of room and lots of light and ventilation, while the timber is treated against rot to ensure it lasts for years to come.

We also have summerhouses that give you a place to relax away from the main home. They come with double doors that ensure easy access and toughened glazing. The wood is resistant to rot and the space is the ideal place to unwind and relax without a care in the world. 

Planet ladders, planters and lattices 

Using a ladder, lattice or planter is great way to make creative use of plants in your garden. These are decorative features that let you introduce vibrant new colours in corner spaces, patios and close to doorways and entrances. 

Our wooden trough planter products and wooden garden screens look sensational in the garden, bringing a new look that will encourage you to spend more time outside. We have individual planters and trellises as well as combined sets, so you can construct the ideal garden layout, just how you like it. 


Using a composter is a great way to help the environment and to recycle many of the everyday items you use at home. Rather than leaving a pile of compost on the floor for everyone to see, we have specially designed composters where you can house the soil to keep the garden looking neat and tidy. And any time you need to use some, simply lift the lid and it’s right there ready and waiting.

Auto shelter

Not every house has its own garage, and an auto shelter ensures your car, bike or garden equipment is covered. A permanent structure can’t be moved to a new location, but you can take the auto shelter with you if you are moving home. The powder coating makes them completely weatherproof and they offer great ventilation for whatever you store inside.

Gazebos and barns

Installing a wooden gazebo in the garden creates an eye-catching feature and a place that friends and family can enjoy for hours in the shade on long, hot sunny days. You can even go the extra mile and create a hot tub gazebo, where you can relax in luxury, refreshment in hand, and not a care in the world. We also sell stunning compact outdoor barns with weatherproof timber and ample space inside for storage, and it can even be turned into a home office if needed.