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Richard Burbidge Stair Handrail Kits

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Richard Burbidge Stair Handrail Kits

At Armstrong Cheshire, we understand the importance of supplying the latest products when it comes to handrails. Whether it’s around the home or in a residential setting, handrails are integral to health and safety and they provide a touch of class when it comes to style.

Handrails have to be fit for purpose and that’s why we offer a variety of Richard Burbidge wall-mounted handrails that come in a range of finishes. We are committed to ensuring you have the best products available and that’s why we only work with manufacturers we trust.

Handrails for Every Setting

Whether you are looking for something stylish around the home or something practical yet smart in a residential or commercial setting, we have something for you. Our wall mounted handrails are versatile and flexible which means that they are suitable for a range of uses. From modern staircases in homes to contemporary looking staircases in a workplace, they provide the perfect solution and that’s why we are proud to offer them.

A Variety of Handrails to Choose From

We understand that everyone has a specific set of needs, regardless of whether it comes down to the look they want to achieve to ensure that staircases are safe. We offer pine handrail kits, Richard Burbidge handrail kit that come in pine and brushed nickel as well as we white oak wood and pine and chrome.

So, if you want a traditional looking staircase then we can offer oak stair handrail kits that will really set your space apart. Furthermore, they are all well designed and that’s especially important when it comes to selecting your wood stair handrail. You want something that is durable and sturdy yet built to last. So, while our wooden stair handrail kits might look great, they are also fit for purpose and that’s especially important.

The right handrails can transform the look and feel of something as simple as a staircase. With chrome and brushed nickel, your wall mounted handrail will really stand out but the wood finish will guarantee that perfect blend of modern and traditional.

They are all extremely easy to fit too which makes them suitable for professionals and homeowners. They all slot together with ease and that means that they leave very little mess. What’s more, they are all prefinished which means that fitting is quicker and more efficient.

What you receive in your kit is 3 lengths of wall mounted handrail in your desired finishes as well as wall brackets and end caps, all of which are made in your desired finish.

Don’t overlook the importance of a great looking staircase because it really can finish off your space. With our wall mounted handrail kits, we guarantee that you’ll have no problem finding a product that benefits from excellent workmanship and materials that are built to last.

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