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Patio and Block Paving Sealants

At Armstrong Cheshire, we have a huge selection of patio stone and paving slab sealants, ranging from Bond It Drive Alive Colour Enhancer, to All Purpose Sealer and Compound Buff. Use it to bond jointing sand seal the surface of block paving without losing the normal flexural properties of the material.

Browse our range of patio sealer to find the right one for your paved area and enjoy the many benefits that sealing can offer, from protecting the material to enhancing its natural beauty.

What can block paving and patio sealer be used for?

Block paving sealer should always be used in any paving project to protect the longevity of the material. There are a variety of products in Armstrong Cheshire’s collection that can be used on different surfaces including block paving, natural stone, patio slabs and clay block paving. Apply them on patios, driveways, paths, walkways and garden paving on both small and large scale projects to suit your needs.

Benefits of using block paving sealer and patio sealer

Beautiful appearance

Using a paver sealer will preserve the natural beauty of the material and can also enhance the aesthetic, whether a glossy or matt product is applied. Similar to using a sealer on wood, it will not alter the colour of the original material, but instead work to highlight and draw out the hue that already exists. This ensures that the colour that first attracted you to the material remains in place and continues to look like new.

Weather protection

The longer raw materials are left exposed to the elements, the faster they will start to corrode and wear away. This also applies to brick, stone and concrete, and given the unpredictable nature of the British weather, it’s vital that your paved area has the right level of protection against rain, frost, and UV rays.

A product like the Resiblock Sealer is available in matt and gloss finishes, offering long-lasting weather protection properties that can last for as long as 5 years.

Increased durability

Using a block paving sealer will greatly enhance the lifespan of your patios and pavers. When a paved area is installed it will have an expected lifespan and applying a sealer over the natural surface can extend the length of time the material remains in good condition. This is particularly important for softer materials such as travertine.

Another threat that can cause problems to a paved area or patio slabs is the growth of weeds, but when a sealer is applied to not only the surface but also the cracks, growth of weeds is much less likely.

Enhanced protection

Whether your paved area or patio slabs is made up of concrete, natural stone or brick, it will still be susceptible to various elements that can weaken its integrity over time. It can be anything from dirt, rust, mildew, fading, and debris that play a part in this.

Using a product designed for Indian sandstone sealer (sandstone is one of the most common types of paving used in patio areas) will significantly reduce the dangers posed to what is a naturally very porous material, protecting the stone for much longer

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