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Garden Storage

No matter the size of your home, space is always at a premium. The longer you stay in a property, the more things you accumulate and before you know it can become a struggle to keep everything in order. That also applies to the garden, as you need somewhere to put garden tools, DIY equipment and other bits and pieces.

The great news is that Armstrong Cheshire have got you covered with our fantastic range of garden storage solutions. Whether you are looking for a wooden garden storage shed, garden cushion storage, or anything else, we’ll help keep your backyard looking neat and tidy.

Storage Sheds

We have a wide selection of garden sheds that are suitable for all kinds of outdoor spaces. See our stylish Palram Skylight Grey Deco Apex Shed which is hardwearing and fire resistant, made from lightweight and robust aluminium. Elsewhere, our Oxford Windowless Shed is compact in size, yet still offers ample storage room inside for all your garden essentials.

We even have Corner Potting Sheds complete with glazing, so your plants receive as much light as they need. All our storage sheds come in a variety of timber shades, with some products treated to prevent rotten and to enhance their weatherproof properties.

Storage boxes

If you need even more storage in the garden, take a look at our wooden garden storage box range. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate all kinds of items and objects. For example, you can use a garden cushion storage to store any large outdoor furniture cushions. This is ideal for periods where it rains or during the colder months of the year, keeping the material fully protected.

We also have patio chests made from FSC timber that come with pressure treatment to stop rot, giving you the perfect place to keep expensive items out of harm’s way. And if you need an extra large garden storage box we have it all right here.

Log racks and stores

Use our log storage solutions to keep your timber organised and easily accessible, so you always know wood for the fire is there anytime you need. Just as importantly, timber needs to keep ventilated to prevent it from developing moisture and mould, and our log racks ensure that happens too. They also come with an adjustable polyester cover that will keep the worst of the British weather off your logs, keeping them protected at all times.

Bin stores

Rubbish and recycling bins often look like a bit of an eyesore in the garden or driveway and our bin stores ensure that is something you no longer have to worry about. You can store your bins inside and always have easy access when you need to take them out or put in a new batch. As always, we ensure the wood is sourced responsibly to give you eco-friendly solution for your home.

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