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Spend more time on your deck, not working on your deck

Spend more time on your deck, not working on your deck

Aaron Stretton |

Spend more time on your deck, not working on your deck


Garden decking can provide the perfect solution to creating outside space to be enjoyed in warmer months. It is also a great way to either make an impact with a small garden space, or a perfect means to connect indoors with your garden to create a seamless transition.

Up until recently, your options for an outside space for relaxing and entertaining were timber decking or a paved patio. Timber decking has always had great appeal from an aesthetic point of view, or to put it more simply, it usually looks a hell of a lot better that concrete.

However, timber decking has always been dogged by a problem. It only looks great the first year you put it down, after which it tends to grey and lose its lustre, its visual warmth. Of course, there is the option or regular, time-consuming and backbreaking deck maintenance, something they seem very keen on in New Zealand!

Unfortunately, that also defeats one of the other reasons you might opt for garden decking – to cut down on the amount of lawn to be mowed. That’s perhaps why some people opt for patios, but the trade-off of something less attractive for reduced or no maintenance can be an unrewarding one.

Now there’s great news as you can have the best of both worlds – move over timber decking and say hello to composite decking. Forget deck maintenance, now you can spend more time relaxing outside enjoying your garden decking and using it for what it was installed for

Winter, spring, summer and Autumn your composite decking will look just as inviting and appealing, though you have to be marginally nuts if you want to go outside and have a barbecue in the middle of winter. However, you can kiss goodbye to all those things you hate about ageing timber decking, not forgetting splinters!

It wasn’t so long ago that anything ‘faux’ or ‘fake’ was easy to spot, and we’re not talking about deliberate fakes or fraudulent products, we’re just talking about cheap imitation. When it comes to composite decking, you’d be surprised just how close its appearance is to timber decking, so you won’t be losing any of the visual appeal.

With options in olive, oak and graphite, your choice of look for composite decking allows you to opt for a more modern and clinical grey appearance, the more traditional oak-effect from, and a Mediterranean olive look, all of which will remain as attractive, year after year.

Another joy of composite decking is ease of installation and those finishing touches. From composited decking infill trim to composite decking edge trim and rail steps, not forgetting, clips to make securing each strip of decking securely in place. If you’re keen on DIY you’ll find composite decking easier to install, and if you’re paying a tradesman to fit your composite decking, the cost should be lower than if you used timber, so you win each way!

Are there any downsides to composite decking? None than we can think of, save for not being able to watch your mother-in-law slip over in the wet, or get her stilettos jammed in the crack between planks.

So, if the thought of composite decking appeals to you, get in touch with us here at Armstrong Supplies and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, or place an order and we’ll get it dispatched with the utmost efficiency.


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