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Move Over Coach Bolts, the Joyner Bolt is Here!

Move Over Coach Bolts, the Joyner Bolt is Here!

Aaron Stretton |


Here at Armstrong Supplies we go one better than all our competitors – our joyner bolts come supplied with bolts and washers for the same price as our competitors who sell their Joyner bolts without nuts and washers

It’s strange how, when something has been in existence for so long, we simply accept that it can’t be bettered or there is no viable alternative. Coach bolts have been around for centuries and though effective to a degree, they have both limitations and flaws.

Coach bolts still suffer from movement, Joyner bolts don’t

The design of a coach bolt is such that once tightened in place, they are still liable to turning. The nature of timber is such that it has give in it, and coach bolts take full advantage of this ‘defect’. Because of the plate spikes incorporated within the Joyner bolt, once in place they don’t turn, they stay put.

When tightened, coach bolts damage the timber surface when they sink into it, Joyner bolts don’t

Unless you are using the hardest of hardwoods, like teak or ebony, when you tighten a coach bolt, the head gets pulled into the surface of the timber, sinking the wood around it. Joyner bolts have a larger face plate that eliminates this problem. Instead, the more you tighten a Joyner bolt, the more secure it becomes, but the head is not pulled into the wood, only the fixing spikes.

Coach bolts require precision holes, Joyner bolts don’t

Coach bolts are a multi-occasion solution to a common problem, yet frequently that problem includes a predrilled or already existing hole that is too big for the diameter of the coach bolt’s shaft. In the end, no matter how much you tighten the bolt, the fitting will never be as stable as you need. With a Joyner bolt, because the tension exists predominantly between the fixing plate and the washer between the nut and timber surface, there is plenty of room for tolerance where the Joyner bolt shaft is concerned.

Fitting a coach bolt is a two-handed affair, Joyner bolts require just one hand and one tool

It might not seem like a big deal as most of us have two hands, so needing two hands to fix a coach bolt is not a problem. However not every situation where a coach bolt needs fitting makes it easy to use two hands, one hand often needed to provide personal safety and support. Joyner bolts are great as they can be easily fitted in place from any angle, and with the use of just one hand.

In case you hadn’t got the message, here at Armstrong Supplies we are great fans of the new Joyner Bolt and it comes with a strong recommendation from us. According to Input Youth there are over 240,000 carpenters and joiners in the UK and while we haven’t been listening to you all, we’ve been listening to a good number of you, and we are now stocking Joyner bolts because you have been asking us to. If there’s anything else you feel we should be stocking, or if you want any more information on Joyner bolts, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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