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Zero In 600 ml Ultra Power Wasp Nest Killer Foam Jet

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  • Destroy four to seven wasps nests with effective, fast-acting killer jet foam; control nests using the distant ergonomic trigger handle, which is designed for quick and easy application
  • Potent, long-lasting killer for rapid control of wasps nests in homes, sheds, outbuildings, garages and gardens, sprays up to 5 m away to ensure safe application
  • Avoid handling insecticide spray by using the distant design trigger handle for controlled application of strong insect killer jet foam
  • Powerful, professional quality wasp nest killer guarantees a quick result, treat in early morning or late evening for results
  • Contains tetramethrin and permethrin

Product Description

Wasp Nest Killer Foam Jet - 600 ml from Zero In Ultra Power is a powerful insecticide which destroys wasps nests in homes, outbuildings, sheds and lofts. Professional strength with a distant, ergonomic trigger handle, jet spray control 4-7 wasps nests, without the need to have contact with insecticide as it sprays up to 2 m away.

Directions for Use
  • Shake can well before use. Keeping the can upright and standing at least 2 m from the nest, direct and spray the foam at the nest entrance.
  • Spray for 8 seconds to thoroughly wet the nest, paying attention to the entrance.
  • Do not stand directly underneath the nest and wear suitable clothing should the wasps become active.
  • For larger nests, a 12 second burst of spray should be applied. Stand well back from the treated area following application.
  • If the nest entrance is not visible, spray where the wasps activity is seen, such as through holes or gaps in walls etc.
  • If wasp activity is seen again after treatment, which is not unusual, repeat the application.

Box Contains

1 x Wasp Nest Killer Foam Jet - 600ml Trigger Aerosol

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