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Free England & Wales delivery over £50

Wetroom Tanking Membrane Kit + Primer + Tape + Drain Mat


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The Aquaseal Wet Room System Tanking Kit gives you everything you need to waterproof both walls and floors prior to tiling showers, wet rooms, wet zones and other areas susceptible to water and excessive moisture. Ideal for use on plasterboard, MDF, plywood, cementitious boards, blockwork, concrete and specialist wet room boards.

The kit comes complete with:
• Aquaseal Waterproof Tanking Primer – For use before applying
Tanking Membrane & Tanking Tape.
• Aquaseal Waterproof Tanking Membrane – Forms a permanently
flexible watertight membrane, applied by brush, two coats.
• Aquaseal Waterproof Tanking Tape – Self adhesive joint and corner
sealing tape. Easy to apply with pre-cut release liner.
• Aquaseal Waterproof Tanking Drain Mat – Self adhesive butyl
backed fleece, capable of coping with movement around the
drain outlet.
• Aquaseal Wet Room System User Leaflet.