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A43 25ml Threadlock Anaerobic Adhesive


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A43 25ml Threadlock Anaerobic Adhesive

High torque, oil tolerant threadlocker!

Oil tolerant threadlocker designed for direct application onto "as received" parts with a light film of oil. Locks threads and prevents loosening. Seals out moisture to prevent corrosion and resists chemicals. A medium viscosity, medium strength, screw and threadlocker. Capable of bonding "As received".

Bond It A43 Threadlock can be used as a locking compound for direct application to lightly oiled components, thus reducing the need for pre-treatment. Also suitable as a standard anaerobic threadlocker for fine to medium pitch threads.

Features & Benefits

* Non-Drip consistency for clean and economic application
* Capable of bonding "as received" parts covered with a light film of oil
* Suitable for fine to medium pitch threads
* Wide range of uses
* Medium viscosity


Remove heavy oil or grease contamination, and any rust or corrosion. Best results are obtained on clean parts.


Apply sufficient threadlock at final fixing position to compensate for tolerances. Assemble normally, locking commences after assembly. Handling strength in 5-15 minutes; operational strength develops in an hour.


Apply a bead onto the thread and use the end of the nozzle to spread the bead round the thread to create an even covering by turning the bolt, nut etc. Any excess can be wiped off with a cloth or paper towel.

Bonding Time:-

Assuming room temperature is 20°C.

Handling: < 15 minutes
Full strength: 24 hours


Designed for metal bonding. Users should satisfy themselves as to the products efficacy when used in conjunction with engineering rubbers and plastics. Not recommended for use with accelerators.
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