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South Cerney Gravel Garden and Driveway Decorative Aggregate Bulk Bag

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Our Bulk Bags of South Cerney Gravel Garden and Driveway Decorative Aggregate is ideal for use on paths, driveways and general landscaping around your home. The rounded stones are sized 10-20mm and offer a wonderful range of benefits that will instantly transform exterior spaces. Bags are available in a minimum size of 800kg are easy to lay in position while also being easy to store and maintain. 

How much gravel do I need?

In order to know how much South Cerney stone you need for your driveway, you have to calculate the square footage of the area. The basic formula to follow is length x width = area in sq. ft.

You also need to calculate the depth of gravel needed for the area. A 10-20mm aggregate like South Cerney gravel should usually have a depth of around 50-60mm once laid. However, the depth will depend on what the area is being used for. If you are laying the gravel in a garden area calculating the exact amount needed may be a bit more difficult if it is not exactly square-shaped. In this case, it may make more sense to extend the calculation to make it a square – having too much gravel is always better than not having enough and returning to buy more.

Once you have the calculation for the depth you can add this into the final formula: length x width x depth = cubic feet.

What are the benefits of using South Cerney Gravel?

Laying South Cerney stone in your garden or driveway offers a number of fantastic benefits:

  • Hardwearing and long-lasting: Compared to alternatives likes Cotswold Gravel, this gravel features chippings that are rounder which enables them to remain in position for longer. Over time this will mean you have to perform less maintenance on the area. It is also denser than sandstone so it is less likely to break down under heavier cars such as Range Rovers.
  • Added comfort: Another benefit you can enjoy with this gravel is the rounded edges provide more comfort underfoot. If you have young children this is an important factor to consider for their safety walking across the surface. At the same time, it still provides the same satisfying crunching sound, so you still get to enjoy the same feeling offered by similar gravels and chippings.
  • Use it for landscaping: You can also use South Cerney gravel on other external areas away from your paths and driveways. It is a decorating gravel with the beautiful honey colour looking great in beds, water features and borders to enhance your existing design. You can also use it to create a nice patio area by arranging it with paving slabs.

South Cerney gravel offers fantastic versatility of use and the natural colours will perfectly complement any type of property, whether traditional, modern or contemporary. It’s the perfect alternative to Cotswold gravel which offers a similar colour but has sharper edges. Even with good maintenance Cotswold gravel will move around quite a bit and break down much more easily, with the edges also looking rougher and less aesthetically pleasing over time.

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