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Ronseal Ultimate Decking Stain - 2.5L


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Ronseal Ultimate Decking Stain coverage means your decking has greater protection from scuffs, scratches and foot traffic. It brings out the very best of the natural woodgrain to add vibrancy and dimension. The stain is slip-resistant, making the decking safer for the whole family to use. And whether it’s summer or winter, it remains strong and resilient against the changing conditions.

There are 10 different colours available, so finding the right one to suit your outdoor aesthetic is easy. You’ll also enjoy protection against weather and everyday wear and tear that lasts twice as long as standard decking stain products.

How much will I need? 

Paints up to 8m2 per litre. 

How long does Ronseal Ultimate Decking Stain last?

The length of time Ronseal Ultimate Decking Stain lasts will depend on how it has been applied, the condition of the wood and weather conditions. In general terms, and based on weathering data, the stain lasts for twice as long as standard decking stains.

How to apply Ronseal Ultimate Decking Stain

Before applying Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Stain, there is some preparation that has to be carried out:

  • Untreated, weathered decking: Use a decking restorer to bring out the natural colour. This creates a good base for the stain to penetrate into. Let the deck dry thoroughly before moving on.
  • Previously treated decking: Use Ronseal Decking Stripper to expose the wood again. Avoid covering a dark stain with a lighter one, as the two will not mix well.
  • New wood: Either let the wood weather for 6 months or use Decking Cleaner & Reviver to remove any waterproofing protection on the wood. Once finished, rinse with water. Check to see if any pre-treatment is on the wood by sprinkling on some water. If it beads, you need to clean the wood again. Once fully removed, let the wood dry thoroughly.

You can now apply Ronseal Ultimate Decking Stain by following these instructions:

  • Stir the stain thoroughly and check you are happy with the colour by dipping in a brush or pad. Then try it on a small patch of wood.
  • Start in the corner furthest away, using a motion that covers the board length. Try to cover 3-4 boards as this helps avoid overlap marks.
  • A minimum of 2 coats is needed, with a drying time of 4 hours between each one. After the final coat, leave it for 24 hours before using the decking.
  • You can use warm soapy water to wash off any stain that has splashed onto you.

Is Ronseal Ultimate Decking Stain oil-based?

Ronseal Ultimate Decking Stain is water-based rather than oil-based.

Can you spray Ronseal Ultimate Decking Stain?

Ronseal advises that you do not spray any of their decking products. Apply with a brush or an application pad. 

What colours are in the Ronseal Ultimate Decking Stain colour chart?

Ronseal offer a wonderful selection of colours, so finding the right one for your garden is easy. Our range of Ronseal Ultimate Decking Stain is available in 10 different colours. This includes cedar, charcoal, mahogany, oak (country, medium, dark), mountain green, walnut and many more.

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