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Ronseal Hardwood Furniture Stain 750ml


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Ronseal Hardwood Furniture Stain 750ml

The Ronseal Hardwood furniture stain is designed to provide superior colour and protection for hardwood garden furniture and will protect for years to come being oiled based it will prevent the wood from cracking and shrinking.

Main Features and Benefits 

  • Oil-based 
  • Prevents wood from cracking, peeling, flaking, drying out and discolouring.
  • Perfect for outdoor furniture 
  • Touch dry in around 4 hours 
  • Rainproof in one hour 
  • Three-year protection 


  • Clear Natural Matt 
  • English Oak 
  • Natural Cedar 
  • Rich Teak 

Questions and Answers

  1.  How much will I need? 1L will cover around 16m2
  2. How many coats will I need? 3 coats are recommended 


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