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Free UK Delivery Over £50

Ronseal CRTO 500ml Colron Refined Teak Oil


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Colron Refined Teak Oil is a high quality blend of natural resins and oils, which penetrate deeper into the wood grain than standard teak oils replacing essential oils that prevent the wood from drying, warping and splitting. It enriches the wood's natural patina while providing protection from the inside out, making it ideal for use on both interior and exterior wood.

Size: 500ml.

<IMG class="li_image elementright" src="/brands/images/ronseal.jpg" unselectable="on"><STRONG>It does what it says on the tin</STRONG></P>

Their aim at Ronseal is always to provide products that meet exactly your requirements; that is why they spend a lot of time listening to what you have to say. </P>

They then take that feedback into their R & D Laboratories, and using the very latest technological advancements, they can then deliver innovative new products and the quality service for your DIY and project needs.</P>

This is an ongoing process and, coupled with their no-nonsense advertising and marketing, and their extensive consumer education, these innovative new product developments will continue to help them lead in their product categories, meeting and exceeding your requirements in the future. </P>

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