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Ronseal 10 Year Woodstain Satin 750ml


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The Ronseal 10-year wood stain is designed to give your windows and doors protection for 10 years allowing you to do the job once and forget about it. it's very easy to apply to need no basecoat or primer so can be painted straight onto the wood.

The Woodstain as well as colouring the wood it will protect against rain, frost, snow and sunshine and will prevent the wood from peeling and flaking.

Benefits and Features

  • 10 Year protection  
  • Dries in 1 hour
  • Doesn't flake or peel
  • You don't need to use any basecoats or primers 
  • Rainproof in one hour 


  • Antique Pine 
  • Dark Oak 

Questions And Answers

  1. How much would I need? 1L will cover around 18m2
  2.  How do I apply it? We recommend brushing it on 
  3. How many coats will I need? 3 coats 
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