Marine Plywood 2440mm x 1220mm BS1088 Grade - Choice of Thicknesses

Marine Plywood  must be treated if used externally or in damp / wet conditions High quality and hard wearing plywood suited to most applications where moisture is present. Compliant with British Standard BS1088. Made with high quality veneers which are cross-laminated for extra strength, especially in high moisture areas Suitable for external works where high moisture is a concern. Edges and sides must be sealed with a suitable preserver Takes paint and stain finishes with ease and provides a good surface on which to apply coatings Uses include joinery where moisture is present, van and trailer linings, external joinery, walkways, temporary structures, vehicle building, cold storage containers, benches, shelving and concrete formwork where a superior finish is needed Responsibly sourced product Timber is a natural product and can expand and contract with room conditions Uses include general joinery, shelving, boxing in, signage, fascias and soffits, van and trailer linings, garages, sheds, external joinery, walkways, temporary structures, rail and road containers, packing cases, hold lining in ships and concrete formwork

  • Mainly used in boats, but also specified when moisture is a consideration
  • Made in accordance with BS1088
  • Manufactured from a durable hardwood species
  • Good core veneer quality with very limited core gaps
  • Must be treated if used externally or in damp / wet conditions