OX OX-P531501 Speed Skim Universal Pole Attachment, Black

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Speedskim Universal Pole Attachment has been carefully designed to be fully compatible with all standard professional ‘threaded’ extension poles. Great consideration has been taken to achieve the ‘optimum angle for use’ so no adjustments are necessary.

Constructed from tough ‘glass filled’ nylon the New Pole Attachment is extremely robust to cope with tough site conditions.

The Pole Attachment is compatible with all current Speedskim sizes 300mm, 600mm, 1200mm and 1800mm.

Very effective with all Speedskim sizes as you would expect but worth noting it can be comfortably used with the 1800mm if you do have those large areas to complete.


Fitting the Pole Attachment  

1.     Open retaining clip

2.     Simply marry up the profile of the Pole Attachment and the aluminium handle, and slide on from one end

3.     Align the Pole Attachment roughly central with the Speedskim product sticker and close the retaining clip

4.     Skim your ceiling



OX Tools Speedskim Universal Pole Attachment Fits ST/SF Plastering Rules P531501