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Oak Weather Bar 900mm Door Rain Deflector


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Oak Weather Bar 900mm Door Rain Deflector OM026 by Cheshire Mouldings

Maintenance & Finishing

 The maintenance required depends on the chosen finishing. Maintenance and finishing may include lacquering, repainting and ensuring that the product is secure.

This Oak Weather Bar can be finished using various methods including paint, stain or varnish.


 A coat of primer will need to be applied to the timber before continuing with an undercoat and topcoat. To prevent any seepage through the finished surface we advise that a knotting solution is used on any knots in the timber.

Varnish can be used to add a heat and water resistant coloured finish to the timber, which will need very little on going maintenance, however please ensure that you have checked the manufacturer’s recommendations. Varnish generally does not penetrate the wood therefore we advise that at least one coat of clear varnish is applied to prevent any colour loss.


Staining can be used to enhance the colour of the timber as well as colour neutralisation if there are an sections which do not match. Due to stains not sealing the wood we would advise that a varnish or polish is applied in addition to the stain.

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