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Metsa Weatherguard Spruce Plywood BS5268 9mm

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Metsa Weatherguard is a coniferous plywood with a hydrophobic surface.

The surface repels rainwater and therefore reduces the amount of water absorbed by the panel during construction work. At the same time, the surface allows the panel to breathe and water vapour to move freely

  • Water repellent surface temporarily protects the product from rain during construction period
    • treatment does not block water vapour movements
  • Reduced moisture intake and swelling
    • up to 60% reduction of water intake in rain
    • better dimensional stability results in enhanced assembly tolerances
    • shorter drying period before closing structures  faster building time and energy savings
    • lower risk of damage caused by wet structures
  • WeatherGuard treatment does not affect the strength properties, slip resistance, reaction to fire and corrosion of the fasteners compared to untreated spruce plywood
  • Cut sheet size may vary slightly due to loss of blade width during cutting.