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Metsa Weatherguard Spruce Plywood BS5268 18mm


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Metsa Weatherguard 18mm Spruce Plywood is an excellent general-purpose panel that offers protection against rainwater to improve construction times on exterior projects. The hydrophobic surface reduces the amount of water absorbed by the panel giving it more freedom to breathe and allowing water vapour more space to move.

At Armstrong Supplies, we offer a variety of sizes to suit your project. Our sizes range from 1ft x 1ft all the way through to 8ft x 4ft making it easy to find the right dimensions. We make delivery fast and easy and we also offer fantastic pallet deals for larger quantities.

What is Spruce Plywood?

Spruce plywood is a construction panel relied on for a variety of interior and exterior construction activities. Spruce wood is manufactured from long-grained Nordic conifers and offers great rigidity and strength thanks to the timber’s straight fibres. It is generally light in colour and is often referred to as “whitewood”. The wood does contain some wood knots, although these are only cosmetic and will not affect the overall strength and performance.

What can you use Spruce Plywood for?

You can use spruce plywood for a number of basic construction applications. For building applications, this includes agricultural settings, floors, wall and roof structures, construction platforms and pedestrian bridges. When it comes to renovation projects it is ideal for repairing and improving existing structures. It is also frequently used in the vehicle industry, for fences, hoardings and packing applications.

You can treat the surface further using standard varnishes, paints and protection treatments suitable for wood. If needed, carpet, tiles and linoleum can be glued to the surface – although you must first check the compatibility of the adhesive before use.

The added advantage of Metsa Weatherguard is the protection it offers against water absorption when being used in exterior projects. It reduces the amount of water (up to 60% reduction rate) the panel absorbs which makes for faster building times as drying periods are much shorter. At the same time, the protection does not have any negative effect on slip resistance, strength or fire resistance.

What are the benefits of spruce wood?

• Despite being lightweight plywood that is 20% lighter than similar plywood it still ensures high-quality structural support.
• After technical assessment spruce plywood received an agreement certificate that enables it to be used as wall sheathing/skins in timber frame construction.
• Thanks to the natural properties found in Nordic Spruce the wood is simple to work with, lightweight, easy to nail and saw without any hassle. It is CE marked and specified to standards EN1058 and EN789.
• The wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests helping you make a greener choice.
• Spruce plywood does not crumble and is impact resistant and provides a good base for fasteners.
• It can be easily machined and installation is straightforward when using conventional tools and fasteners.
• Metsa Weatherguard features a hydrophobic surface which means it is a plywood with a water repellent surface. This minimises water absorption during construction work in exterior areas.

Cut sheet size may vary slightly due to loss of blade width during cutting.

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