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Handmade Pressed Brick Slip Tiles


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Create Your Perfect Cost-Effective Feature Wall.

Our high-quality Brick Slips can be used both as External Brick Slips or Internal Brick Slips to create the perfect look in any room.

At Armstrong Supplies, we sell a wide variety of Brick Slips and you can shop the range here.

If you have been looking for creative feature wall ideas, Brick Slips are becoming increasingly popular and are sure to add the wow factor in all rooms of the house, such as using them as a feature wall in your kitchen behind the cooker and along the work surfaces. These bricks have good thermal resistance, therefore if you have a fireplace in your home these brick slips can be used around the fireplace as a feature wall.

All in all these bricks can be used in any application your imagination will allow, they will create a beautiful Focal Point and they are sure to be a great talking point for visitors to your home.

Are These Real Bricks?

Unlike the standard brick wallpaper you see in many UK households, these bricks are REAL, meaning you get the actual brick texture.

How Are Brick Slips Made?

Brick Slips are made by taking the original brick and cutting the two faces off of the brick.

How Do You Install Brick Slips?

At Armstrong Supplies, we sell everything you need to install the brick slips like a pro. See our How To Fit Brick Slips guide, for a list of materials and tools required to complete the job.

How Many Boxes Do I Need?

You can use our on-page Brick Slip Calculator, to find out how many boxes of brick slips you require to complete the job.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Each Box Contains 0.5m2 (Use our on-page calculator to determine how many boxes you will require)
  • Each Box is Quality Inspected
  • The Bricks are cut from 65mm standard house bricks
  • The recommended Mortar Spacing between bricks is 10mm
  • Each Brick slip is cut to 20mm Thick, the perfect thickness to create a realistic depth feel
  • The bricks boast a good thermal resistance, and can be used around fireplaces
Please read our Bricks Returns Policy before ordering.
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