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Garden Workshop Shed 9x9


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The workshop range is characterised by sturdy construction, a bright interior and lots of space for a variety of activities.

Whatever your hobby - woodworking, modelling or repairing lawn mowers perhaps - there's enough height and floor area in a 9ft x 9ft workshop to achieve great things. This is the case even when it's also used for the storage of items, large and small.

A handsome structure, the workshop's robust frame has honey coloured shiplap cladding, tongue and groove flooring together with a solid board roof covered with weatherproof mineral felt.

Light floods in from no less than eight styrene glazed windows. So whether you spend half a day in there concentrating on minute detail or just a few minutes, you'll be able to see exactly what you're doing.

The dimensions are: (WxHxL) 2880mm x 2350mm x 2890mm

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