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Garden Workshop Shed 9x15


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The range of timber workshops just gets better as the size increases to 9ft x 15ft.

With so much space and light, this large structure will give you a great deal of scope for wide range of activities.

If a hobby has outgrown your house, or repairing your motorcycle in the lounge is frowned upon, the 9ft x 15ft workshop will give you freedom to fully exploit your interests.

You may also find it invaluable if you have a small business and need to find a working area outside of the home. With a minimum amount of effort, you will be up and running in no time.

Whatever the reason, you won't be disappointed with the opportunities that a 9ft x 15ft Workshop has to offer.

The dimensions are: (WxHxL) 2880mm x 2350mm x 4690mm

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