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Fakro Loft Ladder + Insulated Hatch 600 x 1200mm LWK Komfort


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Fakro LWK Komfort loft ladder has been specially designed to ensure ease of use and it has a high insulation value.

As well as offering quick installation, the ladder is equipped with an aesthetically pleasing smooth white finish to the white and a handrail as standard.

As the hatch is opened the hinge moves it away from the ladder thus increasing space for added convenience.

The ladder comes complete with a white hatch, peripheral seal, a handrail and non-slip treads set flush with ladder strings.


  • 160 k g maximum loading
  • U=1.1 W/m²K loft ladder hatch U-value
  • 3 cm insulation thickness
  • 3.6 cm hatch thickness

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