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Fakro LWK Komfort 4 Section Wooden Loft Ladder 2.8m x 60cm x 100cm

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The LWK Komfort Loft Ladder is a premium quality folding 4-section Loft Ladder made of highest quality pine wood. It is equipped with an aesthetically finished insulated hatch in white both inside and out. The Komfort loft ladder also comes with accessories enabling comfortable loft ladder usage as standard, red painted metal handrail.The red-painted metal handrail is mounted on the ladder’s angle brackets. This makes climbing the ladder easier.

As well as offering quick installation, the ladder is equipped with an aesthetically pleasing smooth white finish to the white and a handrail as standard.As the hatch is opened the hinge moves it away from the ladder thus increasing space for added convenience. The ladder comes complete with stile ends (only 3 section version), a white hatch, peripheral seal, a handrail and non-slip treads set flush with ladder strings.

Technical specification: Permissible load of 160kg. A heat transmission co-efficient U-Value = 1.1w/m2k with insulation thickness of 3cm. Hatch thickness of 3.6cm and it has passed to Standard EN14975.

How To Install an Attic Ladder

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