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Fakro LST Fire Resistant Scissor Metal Loft Ladder With Hatch 2.8m Length - 60cm x 90cm


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The LST scissors loft ladder is complete with white insulated hatch, wooden ladder box, metal finishing lining and quick-installation brackets.The LST loft ladder provides an easy and safe access to the loft. The scissors construction makes ladder folding possible.The scissors system of folding the ladder and the possibility to lock the hatch in a fully open position ensure an ease and safety of operation. 
The S-shaped strings give a modern appearance and perform the role of a handrail, facilitating climbing the ladder.

The LST scissors loft ladder is equipped with a 3.6cm thick, white insulated hatch as standard. The box is made of wood and has quick-fit brackets while the hatch opening mechanism guarantees safe folding and unfolding. In addition, its construction has eliminated the need for a lock.

What is supplied - white hatch, architrave, lining, peripheral seal, non-slip treads. You have the possibility of adding or detaching tread. A system of quick installation in to the ceiling and a system of adapting the ladder length to the ceiling height.

How To Install an Attic Ladder

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