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Fakro LSF Fire Resistant Scissor Metal Loft Ladder With Hatch 50cm x 70cm


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The LSF Fire-Resistant Loft Ladder acts as a blaze block in case of fire inside the building preventing the smoke from entering the fire-free storey, thus providing additional precious time for the fire services to arrive in the event of emergency.

 A fire-resistant scissors ladder LSF providing easy and safe access to the loft while, at the same time, providing a fire block during a fire inside the building. It protects against fire and smoke expansion turning the space into a fire free storey allowing precious time while awaiting the fire brigade.A scissors system of folding the ladder enables the ladder to be folded to smaller lengths and therefore
allows smaller sizes of loft hatch to be achieved.

Permissible Loading of 200kg, heat transmission co-efficient U-Value = 1.1 W/m2k. Insulation thickness 3cm, hatch thickness 3.6cm.

How To Install an Attic Ladder

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