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Free England & Wales delivery over £50

Everbuild PCPLAST12 Heat Resistant Plaster, Multi-Colour, 12.5 kg


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Heat Resistant Plaster is a replacement material for gypsum plaster where the temperatures are too high for gypsum plaster to stay on the wall. Heat Resistant Plaster is a fully blended fine powdered material which is mixed with water to a trowellable/floating consistency. Heat Resistant Plaster should be used on walls and chimney breasts where the temperature is likely to exceed 50°C – particularly around the so-called “hole in the wall” type fires and stoves. 

  • Easy trowellable formulation
  • Temperature resistant up to 500°C
  • Works on most common solid materials
  • Compatible with all backing plasters (important where the plasters meet going from fire rated areas