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Lasher Tools

Lasher EcoBarrow Wheelbarrow with Pneumatic Wheel 70L Capacity FG81157

£119.00 GBP

Lasher Tools award winning Ecobarrow is a first with a unique concept design, featuring ergonomic handle, frame manufactured from Nylon making it lightweight and extremely durable. Rust and corrosion resistant and easy to clean, the structure and design is well balanced and a pleasure to use from general to industrial use. Features a 5 Year manufacturers guarantee and is comes CKD (completely knocked down)
  • Practical and comfortable - Ergonomic handle design
  • Well balanced - Easier and lighter to move when full
  • Popular for use in farms, stables, allotments, gardens, building work and more
  • 70L Capacity - Design allows you to do more, in less time, with less pain
  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee - Top Quality tools - A top quality product by Lasher tools