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Dulux Once Paint


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Dulux Once Paint

Dulux Once Paint has been specially formulated to allow you to get the job done quick only needing one coat. It is also self undercoating so you won't need to waste time waiting for lots of coats to dry. 


Gloss once coat will give you a high-sheen coating to most surfaces 


Satinwood once coat will give you a satin mid-sheen finish and does not require an undercoat 

Matt emulsion 

Matt once coat will leave your wall with a matt finish in one coat

Soft Sheen

Soft Sheen once coat will give u a smooth finish to any wall 


Features & benefits

  • For Interior and Exterior wood and metal.
  • Drys in 16 hours 
  • One coat formulation that does not require an undercoat

Questions and Answers 

  1. How much would a tin cover? 1L will cover around 16m2.
  2. How does this product take to dry? 16 hours.
  3. How do I clean the paintbrushes after use? We recommend you use either Everbuild Brush cleaner or Polycell Brush Cleaner.


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