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Dulux Difficult Surfaces Primer 750ml

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Dulux Difficult Surfaces Primer 750ml

Dulux Difficult Surfaces Primer makes prepping wood, metal, UPVC, MDF tiles and plastic much easier to manage. Whether you are painting an interior or exterior surface it ensures high-quality adhesion. 

Consistent surface 

Dulux Primer for difficult surfaces is suitable for MDF tiles, standard tiles, melamine and UPVC, making it easier for the paint system to adhere to difficult surfaces on the interior or exterior of the building. It ensures that the topcoat can be applied consistently to avoid an uneven finish that otherwise would be much harder to achieve. 

Better adhesion

With the Dulux primer used on difficult surfaces, a chemical and physical bond is formed between the base surface and the topcoat. It helps create a smooth, even covering that acts as a sealant to stop the topcoat from soaking into it, especially on the likes of wood, MDF, plaster and most metals. It can help hide joints on new drywall and stop bleed-through from any blemishes on the material. 

Good opacity

Dulux Difficult Surfaces Primer also provides good opacity, which improves the topcoat’s ability to scatter and absorb light. Depending on the opacity of the topcoat, this can help reduce the amount of light that reflects off the surface, which can prove important especially if the space is being used for a particular purpose.

Easy application

Dulux’s difficult surface primer only requires a single coat, making it much easier to apply and reducing the amount of time you have to spend on the project. It provides coverage of up to 10m2/litre (using a brush or short pile roller) and takes a minimum of 4 hours to dry before the appropriate Dulux paint system can be applied. 

Flexible finish

As a water-based primer, it is great at blocking stains and produces an even better finish on surfaces with paste filling. It ensures excellent cracking resistance and works particularly well on bare wood or new drywall

Features and benefits

  • Provides a consistent surface
  • Good adhesion
  • Good opacity
  • Easy application
  • Quick dry
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