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Damp Proof Membrane Black 25m x 4m 1200 Guage 300mu

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1200 Gauge DPM damp-proof membrane is manufactured to last the lifetime of the floor construction provided it is correctly installed and not damaged by subsequent building operations. Installation & Applications DPM should be laid with overlaps of at least 150mm and sealed to produce a water-proof and vapour-proof joint. This can be achieved with the use of double-sided sealant tape. The DPM should be continuous with the damp-proof course. Where the DPM and DPC meet, they should be overlapped a minimum of 100mm and a sealed joint formed with an appropriate sealant tape. 
  • 25m x 4m (100 SQ/M) Coverage - A cost-effective alternative to branded DPM's including Visqueen, Monarflex.
  • 1200 gauge - 300mu Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) - Manufactured to last the lifetime of the floor construction
  • High quality damp proof membrane prevents the ingress of moisture into buildings - Waterproof & Rotproof
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