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Cuprinol Spray And Brush 2-in-1


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Cuprinol spray and brush 2 in 1 pump sprayer offers a great way to protect your garden shed and fencing, with the product lasting for as long as 5 years. Cuprinol sprayable protection can be applied in half the time it would take to brush onto the surface, saving you valuable time and energy. It’s easy to use and maintain and ensures your outdoor wood structures can stand up to the testing nature of the British weather all year round.

How do you use Cuprinol Sprayer?

When spraying Cuprinol spray and brush 2 in 1, you should ensure it is around 20-30cm away from the surface area to ensure you get good, even coverage.

Spray horizontally using a slow, sweeping motion and you can use the brush to get into the edges and to go over any panels. Always start slowly to perfect your technique and increase the pace as you go. If you spray too quickly or slowly and this produces runs on the wood, you can brush them back into the wood.

Can you use Cuprinol Garden Shades in a spray gun?

Cuprinol Garden Shades can also be used in a Cuprinol paint sprayer.

Can you use Cuprinol Fence Paint in a sprayer?

If you Cuprinol’s Fence Paint product, it can also be used in a sprayer to produce an even finish and long-lasting protection.

How do you attach 2 in 1 Cuprinol fence spray?

Most of the components are already assembled, although there are some parts that need to be attached. The brush needs to be clipped onto the handset, while the hose should be fixed to the spray tank securely to ensure there are no leaks while it is being used. Before spraying, check that all the parts are tightly secured, although do not tighten further using a spanner or similar. Cuprinol spray and brush instructions are also provided with the product itself.


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