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Free England & Wales delivery over £50

Corner Potting Shed

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A superbly designed and totally impressive structure, the Corner Potting Store is fantastic to look at and wonderful to work in.

The potting area is glazed both above and to the sides. There are three opening windows, three glazed panels plus seven other windows, allowing in an incredible amount of light - your plants will love it in there.

Included in the package are three potting benches, these will prove so useful in the spring when seeds are sown and then later when young plants are potted on.

Adjoining the potting shed is a large storage area. Here you can stow away numerous gardening items that aren't immediately required and also household goods that need protection from the weather.

The structure is of course weatherproof with a mineral felt roof, good looking honey coloured shiplap cladding and tongue & groove flooring. A pad bolt increases security and double doors maximise ease of entry.

Another great feature of the design is that the potting store can be placed at either end, to fit into any right angled corner.