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7kg Bostik Laybond Wood Bond Floor Adhesive


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 Wood Floor Adhesive

Bostik Laybond Wood Floor Adhesive is a filled solution of synthetic polymer resins in a blend of solvents which is formulated to a trowelling consistency. It is ideal for bonding all types of parquet flooring, woodblock and woodstrip to strong subfloors including concrete, cementitious screeds, flooring grade plywood, chipboard, hardboard, and smoothing compounds.

Parquet Flooring Adhesive

It is of particular use where the nature of the wood flooring including Parquet  makes it particularly prone to warping when bonded with waterborne adhesives. Bostik Laybond Wood  Adhesive is suitable for use with warm water underfloor heating installations (surface temperature must not exceed 27°C). Heating systems must be switched off for 48 hours before and after installation.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


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