Birch Plywood Superior Grade BB Birch 18mm x 1220mm x 610mm


Birch Plywood Superior Grade BB Birch 18mm x1220mm x 610mm, 4ft x 2ft

WBP Baltic Birch Birch high grade panels are sanded on both sides and their surface is smooth, hard and durable. Birch plywood is characterised by excellent strength and rigidity related properties, so therefore it performs best in applications demanding high strength and rigidity. Russian birch plywood is also known as Baltic Birch plywood. Birch Plywood is constructed using solid birch veneers and then overlaid with a quality birch face veneer on either side. It is widely used in joinery and furniture making as it has a clean, bright appearance which is aesthetically pleasing. As it is birch and has a construction of the board it is very strong but also light and easily machined. It has a BB graded face meaning it is clear of defects and may have very small knots, hence it's use for furniture and joinery applications.  

  • Quality WBP Baltic Birch Plywood
  • FSC compliant