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Armaflex Pipe Insulation Self-Seal 35mm x 2m

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Armaflex rubber pipe insulation class O, made by Armacell, is the industry leader in foam rubber lagging. Insulating pipe and ductwork are one of the best ways to protect them. It restricts energy and heat loss. Also, Armacell rubber pipe insulation Class O prevents condensation and the risks of pipe corrosion and mould growth.

Armacell Class O pipe lagging is the ideal product for insulating pipes linked with hot and cold plumbing services. Whether that be chilled water lines, air con or heating systems. A significant advantage of Armacell pipe insulation 35mm x 13mm Class O is that it now comes with built-in MICROBAN® protection. This technology gives unprecedented protection against the growth of mould on the insulation. As a result, it makes Armaflex Class O pipe the lagging of choice for insulating vents or air conditioning equipment. Armaflex Black Class O is ideal for schools, hospitals, elderly homes, offices, and airports. And, best of all, we stock a full range of armacell pipe insulation sizes on our site

Features and Benefits of the Armaflex pipe insulation 35mm x 13mm

  • Armacell Black Class O Fire performance - the gold standard when there is a need for the reduced flame spread. Armaflex Class O Conforms to all current building regulations.
  • Dust and Fiber free. Great for the environment and no CFCs included in the manufacturing process.
  • Can be used in domestic plumbing and heating systems. The Armaflex Class O pipe is flexible and easy to install.
  • Armacell Foam Class O Insulation is versatile. Usable at temperatures of up to 105 degrees C, or as low as minus 50 degrees.
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