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Free UK Delivery Over £50

12 Gun Grade 750ml Expanding PU Foam Quick Set Can Professional Gap Filling / Fix


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A B3 grade expanding polyurethane foam.

Product Description

PU foam based on a moisture curing polyurethane pre-polymer. Quick, economic and easy to apply. Improves draught and heat insulation, fills irregular gaps, fixes framework and deadens sound. Can be cut, sawn, plastered and sealed over once cured. Available in 500ml and 750ml aerosol cans or 750ml gun grade canister which can be used with a standard gun foam applicator (BDAG1 or BDAK45).


For fitting doors, windows and insulating pipes and filling gaps and can reduce the need for mechanical fixings.

Areas of Application:

  • Window setting (where a clean and controlled backfill is required).
  • Entrance door linings.
  • Any kind of small breakthroughs in walls and other cavities.
  • Can yield up to 40 times can volume.
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