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CLS Studwork Timber

Ashby Harrington CLS Studwork Timber

Armstrong Supplies stock Ashby Harrington CLS Studwork Timber. CLS stands for 'Canadian Lumber Standard'. Our CLS Timber is planed on four sides with rounded edges for easy handling, it is Kiln dried for extra stability and is Ideal for interior framing and carcassing. We Stock sizes 38 x 63mm (3 x 2) 1200mm - 2400mm lengths and 38 x 89mm (4 x 2) 1200mm - 2400mm lengths.

Studwork Timber Applications

How To Build A Stud Wall

The easy way to make one room into two.

As you can see from this helpful video above it is a very simple project once you have everything organised.

A stud wall base is made up from a frame of Timber which is secured to the floor, walls and ceiling with metal studs. Once the frame is secured into place it will be covered with plasterboard and be ready for decorating.

Building the frame is a fairly simple job once you have all of the timber cut to size and have planned out exactly where each frame will be placed.

Before any building project in undertaken you will need to check with the local authority to see if planning permission needs to be attained. You will also need to check on any building and / or fire regulations before starting. Also keep in mind the need for lighting and plumbing requirements.

A basic stud wall frame can be made up from four main parts: the ceiling (or head plate), this will be fixed to the main ceiling joists, you will need a matching length which will be secured to the floor, known as the floor (or sole) plate. You will then also need studs that will be secured vertically along the length of the frame, these vertical studs will need to be spaced equally and be secured with appropriately sized nails. The finally part is Noggins – these are shorter pieces of timber that are secured horizontally between each vertical stud and there job is to provide additional support to the overall frame.

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