Structural Timber

Ashby Harrington Sawn Timber and joints.

We stock high quality constructional timber which is regularised with planing all round with 'eased' (rounded) corners for comfortable handling. Our timber is high pressure treated with tanalith 'e' (or similar), with a 15 year service life and strength graded to C16 for known structural performance.
Our Decking Boards are all supplied treated and ready to fit.

What is Structural Timber?

Structural timber is often referred to as carcassing timber, this means it is timber that has been machined for use in varying structural applications, it can be used in such building projects like roof battens, flooring joists and studwork battens for partitioning walls.
In can also be used for outside structures such as decking, car ports and many garden features.

What is C16 Timber?

C16 is the number assigned to a timber that refers to it’s strength. In order to be graded it has to be either visually graded by a qualified grader or a machine graded. The strength grade takes into account the slope of the grain, any knots of fissures that can be present. C16 graded timber is kiln dried for strength and is mostly used in interior building structures usually for flooring joists or roof joists. It is available in ‘treated’ or ‘untreated’ states. If you purchase untreated timber you will have to weatherproof and seal the wood yourself.
We sell treated timber in a variety of lengths, we also provide the timber in packs of 10.

Structured Timber Sizes

Our Ashby Harrington treated Timber comes in a range of sizes and is available to purchase singularly or in packs of 10 (see above). We have the most popular sizes in stock and are continuously expanding our product range, if you can’t see the size that you need please get in touch to see if we can source this for you.

The current sizes available are:

  • 4.8m x 47mm x 50mm 
  • 4.8m x 47mm x 75mm (Pack Of 10) 
  • 3m x 47mm x 100mm 
  • 3.6m x 47mm x 100mm 
  • 4.8m x 47mm x 100mm 
  • 4.8m x 47mm x 125mm 
  • 4.8m x 47mm x 150mm 
  • 1.2m x 47mm x 200mm 
  • 4.8m x 47mm x 200mm 

We are happy to assist in any way if you had questions about delivery or the order quantity required for a particular build project. We also offer FREE delivery to you throughout the UK and have no minimum order amount. Meaning you can get the timber you require asap straight to your door or onsite.