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Scaffold Boards

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Banded Scaffold Boards

Our Scaffold Boards are banded at each end and are commonly used to create a load bearing platform for use when working at height. Available lengths of 3.9m x 38mm x 225mm which are sold individually or 36mm x 225mm x 3.9m in packs of 6, packs of 10, packs of 15, packs of 20, packs of 25 and packs of 30.

Shelf Life of Scaffolding Boards

This is really dependant on the usage of the board itself, usually if used day to day for working at height they will usually last for 3 - 15 years. If they are being used indoors and have been treated for waterproofing then they will usually last a lifetime. Outside use for decking and structures again if they have been treated and weatherproofed in accordance to the manufactures instructions you will be getting around 15 years before they may begin to deteriorate

what size are scaffold boards

We stock the standard sizes of scaffolding boards, which are 36mm and 38mm thick, the width is 225mm and the length is 3.9 meters (12.7 foot). Our boards are banded on each end to increase strength and durability. For your convenience we sell the boards singularly or in packs of 6, packs of 10, packs of 15, packs of 20, packs of 25 and packs of 30.

Alternative Uses

These banded boards can be used in a variety of alternative ways, not just for the scaffolders. The wood itself is a very high quality and often has a great rustic appearance, it can be treated and stained to be used in various building projects at home, garden or the office. If stained and varnished they would make a great shelving unit due to their natural length and strength. Creating garden decking is also an attractive option. If you search through some local DIY forums the ideas for use are unending, worktops, raised beds, car ports, garden edging and much more, you are only limited by your imagination. Scaffolding boards in the UK is usually imported European Whitewood, which is an extremely versatile wood, suitable for staining and painting. It can be easily joined together as the bands are removable to create any wooden surface. If you have a question regarding the usage or applications suitable for the boards please use our live help feature or call on of our customer services advisors today.