Planed Timber

Ashby Harrington Planed Timber

Our Planed Timber is of the highest quality it is kiln dried for improved strength and we only stock timber from slow grown trees and make sure it is a sustainable source. Premium quality planed square (PSE) timber is ideal for interior joinery where a smooth finish is required. Our exclusive Ashby Harrington Branded Planed Timber Finished Timber comes in 20.5 x 44mm x 2.4m size and we supply in in various pack sizes of 4, packs of 5, packs of 6, packs of 8, packs of 10 and packs of 20 for you convenience, making sure you only have to purchase what you actually need.

How to treat Planed Timber

This wholly depends on what the Timber will be used for, if it is only being used for joinery and will have another product such as plasterboard placed on top then no treatment will be required as it is good to go.
If you will be using this outside then you will have to consider the damage that can be caused by the elements, which will not only change the appearance of but will also eventually rot the wood.
A number of ‘off the shelf’ products are available that can be easily applied to the timber, these can be natural or come in various stains depending on the overall look you want to achieve.

How to paint Planed Timber

Preparation is key if you want your new timber or wood to look good and last for an extended period of time. for a long time. The best place to start is by sanding down the wood, makings sure to remove and hard knobs or knots, make sure you achieve a nice smooth finish.

Next step is to use a wood primer, these can be either water or solvent based, you may find water based primers are more common and slightly cheaper. Apply the primer as per instructions and then let it dry completely. It is advisable to give the service another light sand.

By now you should have achieved a lovely smooth surface ready for painting. Undercoat is perfect for prepping the wood for the final coat of paint whether you choose gloss or satinwood, depending on the finish you are looking to achieve. There are a variety of undercoats available from high-end to more basic budget options. Purchase one depending on your allocated budget. You will find some undercoats are very dark so keep this in mind when choosing your paint.

After following the manufactures instructions for applying the undercoat, and once completely dry you are now ready for the final coat.
Make sure you keep in mind the colour scheme and the overall look you are wanting to produce. A simple gloss would work or if you are going for a more understated woodwork then a satinwood finish would be perfect.